Tips on How to Get Cheap Hotel Deals in Europe

Have you been working too hard lately and have been longing to go on a long vacation away from all the stresses of your everyday life? Or maybe you had been so used to the area you are living in and had been dreaming of getting away from it all with a change of scenery? Then a trip to somewhere in Europe may just do the trick.

Many people dream all their lives to visit the historic places in that continent, wanting to see for themselves the places where royalty once ruled and how their cultures evolved.

Imagine yourself strolling along the banks of the River Thames in London, or enjoying brunch and coffee at a quaint little café in Paris or viewing the historic landmarks of Rome with an ice cream cone in your hand. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

However, going on a trip to Europe may be a little expensive. If you are on a tight budget, but still want to go see the sights there, then you may need some pointers on how to get the best and cheapest hotel deals in Europe.

To really help your budget go a long way, it is best if you book your hotels during off-peak season. The rates are much lower during this time, as there are less people visiting. You only need to do a little bit of research on which times during the year are busy for tourism, then book your trip at the opposite dates. You could also try booking your hotels at travel aggregate sites. They can offer you the cheapest deals available, which may also include cheap flights to Europe if you wish.

If you feel like visiting the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre Museum in Paris, then you can get some of the best hotel rates from D’Anjou, Best Hotel, Mister Bed City and Villa Du Maine. The room rates are affordable in these hotels, which are from €54 to €70 per night.

Are you interested in architectural history and would like to look up at the La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona? Getting really cheap hotel deals here may take you a little way away from the center of Barcelona. The cheaper hotels are usually between 28km to 10km away from the city center, but the room rates are quite cheap at €52 to €58 per night. If you are willing to pay a bit more to be closer, then be prepared to shell out at least €71 per night. Choose rooms from Terrassa Park, Rafael Hoteles Badalona, Don Candido and Aranea.

Wanting a taste of Berlin’s history should not be difficult. Get the best deals from Agon Opera, Comfort Lichtenberg and Holiday Inn Berlin Schoenefeld Airport, where room rates start from €57 per night.

Getting hotel deals in London is not as cheap as in mainland Europe, unfortunately. Room rates start from €66 per booking in this city. However, the city is easy to get around in and if you can read this article, then communication will certainly not be an issue. You can choose affordable rooms from County Hotel Woodford, Alexandra Hotel, Best Western Cumberland and Central Park.

Cheap Hotels in Bristol for a Romantic Getaway

Exploring the City During Your Stay in Cheap Hotels in Bristol

Bristol is famous for its love affair with hot air balloons, and so what better way to start your own love affair in cheap hotels in Bristol than by viewing the city from the sky? Take to the air with Bailey Balloons’ hot air balloon rides and be quite literally blown away! The flights start in Ashton Court Estate and offer a truly unique way to view Bristol’s landmarks. For those preferring a more grounded experience, the award-winning Bristol Packet Boat Trips offer another romantic way to explore the city. Enjoy tea on the river as you head upstream to Bath, or views of the Avon Gorge and Brunel’s Clifton Suspension bridge as you float downstream. Whether you choose air or water, both tours provide the perfect start to your stay in cheap hotels in Bristol.

Relaxing During your Stay

Your romantic escape to Bristol would not be complete without a day of pure relaxation, and the city has a wealth of spas to choose from. Not to be missed is Thermae Bath Spa, home to the UK’s only natural thermal spa. Lounge in the bath’s naturally warm water, rich in minerals, and let any stress fade away. The spa also offers spa treatments, and has a deal sealing open air rooftop pool with stunning views across Bristol. If you are interested in exploring holistic treatments during your stay in cheap hotels in Bristol be sure to visit The Relaxation Centre. Along with saunas and a spa pool The Relaxation Centre also boasts a relaxation lounge and a meditation garden, and runs meditation and yoga classes throughout the week. Unwind as a couple and unite mind, body and spirit.

Where to Eat During your Stay

There are some fabulous options for eating out during your stay in cheap hotels in Bristol, with a focus throughout the city on locally sourced food made fresh to order. For an idyllic evening head to the Glassboat Restaurant in the Harbour side. The restaurant inhabits a converted barge, and has offered fine dining on water for over 25 yrs. If you are looking for a more traditional evening meal during your time in cheap hotels in Bristol, Bistro du Vin & Bar is critically acclaimed. The restaurant’s superb European cuisine combines with its luxurious interiors to create the perfect setting for an intimate dinner for two. There’s an eatery to meet every taste during your romantic break in cheap hotels in Bristol!

10 Reasons to Choose a Cheap Hotel in Liverpool

If you’re in the process of deciding which hotel to book, and can’t decide between a luxurious but expensive hotel in Liverpool, or a cheaper more basic hotel, then here’s what you need to consider.

1. If you’re staying in a hotel after a night out, a stag or hen party, or to celebrate ad birthday, then you’ll want the hotel to be somewhere to get changed and to sleep. You might not be bothered about eating in the restaurant, or taking in the views or using the gym or swimming pool.

2. For those people visiting Liverpool for a sporting event, then the emphasis will be on convenience and the fact that you don’t have to travel back straightaway after the game.

3. You might be going to a concert at the Arena or to see a play at the theatre. If you’ve come from out of time, why not make more of your evening and stay the night at a hotel instead of rushing back?

4. If you’re going to be spending a whole day shopping at Liverpool One, and the many other designer shops in the city, why not book yourself a hotel room in advance so that you don’t have to leave early? By choosing a cheap hotel, you’ll still have plenty to spend on the latest must haves.

5. If you’re flying to or from Liverpool Airport, then why not spend the night before or after your flight in a cheaper hotel, so that you’re refreshed and raring to go. As the airport is just 7 miles outside of Liverpool City Centre, you’re not very far from the airport, or the heart of the city. There’s not need to stay the night at an airport hotel.

6. Perhaps you’re visiting the city on a business trip, and don’t need the executive room of a more expensive hotel. Perhaps you’ll be happy with a more basic room, and know that you’re only paying for what you need and what you’ll use.

7. Maybe you don’t need a luxury hotel because you just want somewhere to get ready before a big night out, perhaps after a day of shopping, or at the football. Whilst it’s nice to have expensive toiletries and bath robes and a huge TV, if you’re not going to be there to enjoy them, isn’t it a waste of time and money?

8. If you know already that you won’t get value for your money from a more luxurious and expensive hotel, but don’t want another chain hotel with no personality, then perhaps you’ll be looking for a cheaper hotel with a bit of character.

9. If you’re staying for just one night, then it won’t really matter what sort of hotel you stay in as long as it is clean and comfortable, and has the facilities you actually need. Perhaps location is much more important than facilities, or maybe price is important.

10. Because there is always a lot going on in Liverpool, with many conferences and business functions taking place, as well as the sports and entertainment, there are many hotels to choose from. Whilst some of the more popular and better known hotels do tend to get booked up quickly, some of the cheaper and lesser known hotels might just be available when you want to visit.

Now you know some of the reasons for not choosing an expensive hotel, perhaps now is the time for you to book one of the cheap hotels in Liverpool for your next visit here.